Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And then there were two....

The last few days have found me busily planning our getaway to Paris which arrives next week. It seems, however, that so many day to day thing get in my way. Is it just me or must I leave a pristine home with all the chores completed that I have neglected for the past months?

I have already surfed a million travel sites and sought advice from Ravelry friends and others who have more recently 'been abroad'. (It has been at least 20 years since my last European jaunt, over 30 years since I last remember seeing the Eiffel Tower as a nine-year-old)

Still, it feel as though I'll be winging it once we hit the can that be?

As you might imagine this has left less time for knitting. I did however complete my alpaca socks I will finish a cute pair made out of Cascade Fixation yarn later today (they've been two months in the making around the GAAAaaaa project I am leading out of my LYS) These socks have a beautiful scalloped cuff and use contrasting colors for cuffs and heels. What fun!

Today I head back to the shop. I can't wait to see my knitwit friends again! If only Wednesdays came more often in the week!

Well, I had better hit the road. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blog Virgin

Well, here it is at long last! My first blog entry. My kids would surely welcome me to the 21st century today.

As I sit and consider how life has graced me with a supportive husband, 3 great kids and a large community of friends, I thank the powers of the universe.

Today I sit finishing up a pair of beautiful(if I do say so myself) socks that did not exist before yesterday. The beautiful lilac/blue alpaca sock yarn inspires me with each stitch.

Anyone who has known me for longer than the last 2 years may wonder at my fiber musings. However, those who have spent more than a few moments with me since January 2006 have no doubt put up with my raves about hand-dyed wools and frustrations over pattern clarity.

Once a 'hobby', knitting has now become my passion.

Although I knit as a teenager, and taught friends to knit in my university dorm years, it was only in January 2006 that I succumbed to its full addictive nature.

Nowadays you are likely as not to find me fondling skeins and picking out yarns....just in case I might need any yarn shop within miles. My family room has furniture reserved for these treasured fibers.

All this madness began with a chance encounter over coffee. I was in search of a large mocha (with whipped cream, of course) at my local coffee shop. As I turned into the store, I noticed a new room lined with wooden apple baskets filled with bright colored wools. An inviting round table filled the room with a gentle soul sitting by its side working on a knitted project of kinds (forgive me for forgetting its specifics....I do much better these days).

The world of knitting was split wide open for me when felting was explained. It was then that I promised myself that I would try to do new (to me) techniques only.

After felting my way through the next year, I am actively involved in my LYS and enjoying this new life more than I could ever have imagined (thanks to Treefeathers)

My community of friends (including 'Spinknitty', 'forevermore', 'Ruanawoman', 'Roving Feltkins', 'Traverseknits', and so many more) has grown and I feel more at home in this than I have in a long time. It feeds my creative soul and gives much needed balance to my life!

Enough for today! Catch you soon!